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To learn about the citations for M V Consulting, Inc. and President Michael Vass - click here.

To learn about M V Consulting, Inc. President Michael Vass - click here.

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Welcome to the M V Consulting, Inc.

M V Consulting, Inc. is a diversified private company involved in all aspects of internet. social media, and political communications.

Political Consulting services

There are two ways to do things in life - learn from a book or learn from experience. For nearly a decade we at M V Consulting have earned our reputation on what we have done and the experience we have gained over the years. It's not the traditional way to do things, but we are not a traditional company.

In our years of political commentary, interviews with elected officials and candidates, and research of legislation (both existing and proposed) we have learned to communicate the facts with the public. That is the bottom line in any political campaign. Getting the message to the people and making sure they understand it.

In this age of instant media, we also understand how the public receives information. Via the internet and texts messages, communication has evolved (and continues to evolve) to allow the public a multitude of ways to access information. Any political campaign must understand how to access social media as well as traditional media to be competative.

At the same time, a political campaign must understand the climate they are in and how it affects their race. Knowledge of the issues and legislation, the current events, and the ramifications short- and long-term can make or break a candidate. For us, that is what we do every day. It is these critical needs we have provided to campaigns in Georgia (local race) and several in New York State (local and Federal races).

What we can offer is a complete package for the communications needs of a candidate - whether a challenger or an established politician seeking re-election. Our services can include:

  1. Speech writing
  2. Press releases
  3. Analysis of current and breaking news
  4. Opposition research
  5. Public speaking on behalf of the candidate
  6. Internet and Television quality video production of commercials and ads

While much of our work for clients is confidential, we can provide the following examples of work we have done in the past.

Speech Writing

Actual speech from November 18, 2013 - candidate Michael "Vass" Vasquez - Excerpt
...Thus, a little more than 6 months ago I made an announcement that I was exploring a run for the New York 22nd Congressional District in 2014. Since that time I have traveled across the District, speaking to college students, retirees, various professionals, housewives and everyone else. I have engaged the public in discussions about how we are being represented in Congress, the job Congress is doing and the issues facing our nation. The results of these conversations have been enlightening.

When I first looked at a run for office, the approval rate for Congress was about 17%. Jobs were the primary focus of the public, and our President had just enacted more than 20 Executive Orders that affected our freedoms – without the consent of Congress, and the silence of many Representatives.

Now the approval rate of Congress is about 8.8%, and jobs remain the main concern of the average American. The nation has endured revelations of abuse of power by the NSA, a unilateral attempt to engage in hostilities against Syria, and a famously failed launch of Obamacare, among other events.

For the NY-22, in this time span, over and over people asked where was our Representative? Where was our voice in Congress? What was being done in our collective name to make these situations better?...

Political Video Production

These are some examples of internet videos and television ready commercials:

Example of speech video

Press Release

Actual press release from April 2, 2014 - candidate Michael "Vass" Vasquez - Excerpt
After a year of effort to draw attention to the inconsistent votes, flip-flops on issues, and contradictions in public statements that have been the signature of the tenure of Rep. Richard Hanna, Conservative Republican Michael Vasquez will be stepping aside to allow a focused and unified effort to unseat the self admitted Moderate.

Mr. Vasquez stated,

    “Once Assemblywoman Tenney joined the election, I took some time to re-evaluate the political landscape, setting aside my ego and focusing on the best result for the public. My conclusion was that a race between the incumbent, Assemblywoman Tenney and myself would fracture the vote – which is to the disadvantage of the District. Thus I am devoting my voice and efforts to a unified challenge under the banner of a consistent, clear, accountable candidate that holds the same convictions and priorities that I and the people of the NY-22 hold – Assemblywoman Tenney.”


These are just a few examples of what we can do. Cost effectively and in a timely turnaround. Please contact us to learn how we can help your campaign.

References are available upon request.

Your comments and questions are always welcome. We enjoy hearing your thoughts on our company and the endeavors we are engaged in. Contact us and give us your feedback or ask us a question.

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A sample of our live radio political commentary in Utica, NY

Public speaking event on Second Amendment with Michael Vass in Norwich, NY

Reacting to national news events on WNBF 1290 News Radio in Binghamton, NY


NO Soundbites Allowed podcast


About Us

Political Consultation

Video Production