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Terms and Conditions for Website Advertisement

General content

  • 1. The Advertiser asserts that any ad provided for placement is not pornographic, does not link to a pornographic site, does not redirect to another site not indicated, nor leads to a site that contains any form of malicious software.

  • 2. The Advertiser asserts that they do not conduct any form of illegal activity including but not limited to: Phishing, spam mailings, Trojan horse programs, keyword logging software, malware, spyware, ect.

  • 3. The Advertiser holds the Company without liability for any actions initiated by the Advertiser, its sites and/or employees, that violate any of the terms of this agreement.

  • 4. That the ad, or any website it directs visitors to, does not contain objectionable and/or inflammatory material that is core to the operation of a website. Examples of objectionable/inflammatory material includes but is not limited to: racist commentary, language designed to incite hate and/or violence, defamatory language, pornographic imagery or words, religious intolerance, gender bias, promotion of abuse to women, men, or children, death threats, beastiality, promoting abuse of animals, ect.

    **Note: The Company understands that many sites maintain the ability to allow public responses to the core material on their site (ie blogs, bulletin boards, IM chat, ect.) and that an unsolicitaed public response may violate these terms. Such a response is the responsibility of the Advertiser and not the Company.**


    Payment can be made via Paypal as found on the Advertising Rates page of the Company's website.

  • 5. That the Advertiser will provide the full payment prior to an ad being placed on a desired site.

  • 6. That the contract life will start with notice from the Company, via email, that the initial payment has been received and the ad has been approved and placed on the desired blog. The life of the ad will not be less than the agreed upon time period, with the exception noted in these terms, but may be extended by the Company at its discretion.

  • 7. That unforeseen events of God and Technology may prevent ads being seen on the desired site during the contract life. While every effort will be made to prevent or minimize any potential downtime, the Advertiser accepts that such acts are beyond the power of the Company. The Company will seek to provide compensation either via cash - of up to not more than the amount paid by the Advertiser - and/or extended contract life, in the Company's sole discretion, for any protracted downtime in excess of 24 hours.

  • 8. That at the end of a contract the Advertiser will have the ability to renew their contract at the same rate as initially contracted for 24 hours. If no notice is provided by the Advertiser in that timeframe any further contracts will be priced at the current market rate. The Advertiser will be notified of an impending end of contract life no less than 5 business days prior in writing. This term is not limited in the number of renewals an Advertiser may make, and could therefore extend infinitely; but it does not preclude the Company from rejecting an offer of renewal, or declining to offer one for any or no reason.

  • 9. If the Company declines to offer a renewal, or rejects an offer, it cannot accept any offer from the Advertiser for a period of no less than 3 months (90 days). If such an offer is accepted then the Advertiser will be charged according to their original contract rate.

  • 10. That all payments are final and non-refundable.

  • 11. The only exception to Terms 8,9, and 10 is in the case that an Advertiser elects to extend a contract such that the total contract life equals or exceeds 1 year. If the Advertiser elects this option, and provides notification in writing, to the Company at least 1 month prior to reaching a year they will receive either a refund of the difference of rates, based on the annual rate at the time of the initial contract, or a pro-rated extension to the contract life equal to the difference rounded up to the highest month at the sole discretion of the Company.

    Altenating Ads

  • 12. That the Advertiser may provide an alternate advertisement, of the same size and properties, throughout the specified contract life, providing it does not violate any of the terms of the agreement, which will replace current ad in a timely manner by the Company.


  • 13. That the terms of this contract are severable and if any term is deemed unenforceable by a court of law all other terms remain viable.


  • 14. That the Company is not liable for any misrepresentations, inaccurate facts, sales, number of visitors, or any other factor based on the ad or it's placement on the desired site.

  • 15. Further any duplicitous acts, willfully or harmlessly, created by any ad is the sole liability of the Advertiser and can be grounds for violation of the Terms.


  • 16. Any violation of the terms can, at the discretion of the Company, result in the immediate removal of the ad, end of contract life, request of changes in the ad from the Company made by the Advertiser, and/or potential banning of the Advertiser from any future business with the Company. If such action is taken all funds paid are forfeit to the Company. The Advertiser will be notified of the cause of violation, in writing within 3 days of the violation.

    Payment - Charges and Procedures

  • 17. If the Advertiser fails to provide payment as stated in the terms, and the Company is forced to seek legal action to gain payment, the Advertiser agrees to be present at a jurisdiction of the Company's discretion and if legally ordered to remit payment such payment will include any and all fees generated in obtaining such legal judgment.

  • 18. Payment is to be made via either Paypal - to an account designated by the Company as provided on the Compnay's website(s) - or by check or money order made out to M V Consulting, Inc. and sent to the corporate headquarters of the Company as designated at the Company's corporate website and/or public notice.

  • 19. If payment is made via check or money order contract life notification will be delayed until such a time no later than as payment has cleared.

  • 20. Advertiser agrees that any fees incurred by the Company for a bounced check will be paid treble (3x) by the Advertiser separate of actual payment of the contract unless proof can be provided of error on the part of the Company or its designated bank. Written verification of the fees will be provided upon written notification to the Company.

    Legal Domain

  • 21. Any Term mentioned in the contract is enforceable and restricted by the current laws of New York State and the United States of America.

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  • To learn about the citations for M V Consulting, Inc. and President Michael Vass - click here.

    To learn about M V Consulting, Inc. President Michael Vass - click here.

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